WATCH| Jose Mourinho Ventures Into Music, Features In Hiphop Video

WATCH| Jose Mourinho Ventures Into Music, Features In Hip-Hop Video

The former Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho shook the internet after featuring in a hip-hop music video.

Jose Mourinho Music Video : GRMDaily/Twitter]

Mourinho featured in UK rapper Stormzy’s latest music video ‘Mel Made Me Do It’ and the famous football manager is seen ‘performing’ the lyrics.

The rap star who is understood to be a Red Devil’s fan used Mourinho’s iconic quotes in his lyrics.

“You love to talk about the old days, them man are old like Annie, are you okay? I prefer not to speak like I’m Jose”

Stormzy used Mourinho’s iconic quote, “I prefer not to speak. If I speak I’m in big trouble.”

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The 59-year-old AS Roma coach used the above-mentioned quote during a post-match interview in 2014 after a match between Chelsea and Aston Villa.

Mourinho who was coach at Chelsea by that time, saw his team defeated 1-0 as well as getting a red card and two goals disallowed by match officials.

Mourinho refrained from directly giving his analysis of the match officials during the post-match interview saying:

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‘I prefer not to comment because if you want to speak about big decisions, you don’t just speak about the red cards, I prefer really not to speak, If I speak, I am in big trouble, in big trouble, and I don’t want to be in big trouble,’ said Mourinho speaking to journalists.

However, Stormzy’s latest single has generated a lot of traffic with netizens reacting to Mourinho’s cameo appearance. Fans were left stunned to see ‘cold’ Mourinho featuring in a hip-hop music video with Stormzy.

Below are the comments extracted from Twitter.

Jules Winnfield

Yoooo he really got Jose Mourinho in the video, lol The man in the vid, back-up dancer


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Jose has the streets. This man wasn’t called The Special One for nothing! 🐐






jose just enjoying his life at this point 🤣🤣



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