WATCH| Hilarious Moment As Nigerian Official Fake Faints After Being Grilled Over Missing R21 Million

A Nigerian official fake fainted during a corruption probe in Senate. [Image: Africa In Focus/Twitter]

Twitter users are in stitches after a Nigerian official fake fainted when he was grilled over missing 536 million nairas (R21 million).

The official is named Prof. Kemebradikumo Pondei, the acting managing director for the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC). Prof. Pondei was being questioned about the N536 million paid to a group associated with the humanitarian organisation “Save Lives Of Niger Delta People”.

In the video that has since gone viral on the internet, the speaker of Parliament asks Prof. Pondei, “are you aware that every expenditure you make from 31st May till date…?” and it dawns on the individuals around him that something is wrong.

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Nigerian Official Fake Faints
The official froze the moment he was asked over ballooning expenditures from 31 May. [Image: Africa In Focus/Twitter]

The official is seated, crouching forward with his hands folded on the table as if he’s about to sleep. He is giving the impression that something is wrong with him. However, how he stares downward and rolls his eyes sells him out.

Instantly, a person seated behind him leaps and reaches out to check him, and he is non-responsive. The man then pulls Prof. Pondei, who seems to have fainted, but his eyes are open.


Nigerian Official Fake Faints
Prof. Pondei being assisted after fake fainting. [Image: Africa In Focus/Twitter]

Other officials in the gallery jump to him and attempt to administer CPU as they open his mouth wide to pull his tongue, so he doesn’t swallow it. At that point, Prof. Pondei realises it’s getting real, and he wakes up, raising his hand to hold the man who was about to do mouth-to-mouth on him.

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Watch the hilarious video below.



Tweeps were left with their ribs cracking. Check out their reactions as the Nigerian official fake faints to avoid being grilled for embezzling funds.


Nah but first of all what type of first aid is this please?


this whole continent is a mess, why is that man trying to give CPR while wearing his mask LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO


was bro searching his mouth for the missing funds??


to think this case was never brought up again before the senate Because he fainted. a very unserious people

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