WATCH| Fans Scramble For OkMalumKoolKat’s Birthday Cake At His Party


There was drama yesterday at rapper OkMalumKoolKat’s birthday party after people jostled and scrambled for his cake.

OkMalumKoolKat, real name Brian Smiso Zwane, celebrated his 39th birthday on 27 July at a club attended by many of his fans.

The Gqi hitmaker went on stage to rock his fans as he celebrated his birthday. Mid-performance, he was given a black and white cake with black and gold plastic icing balls, and the cake had a “Happy Birthday”  on it it.

OkMalumKoolKat holds the cake and asks the party’s attendees if they want it, to which they scream in approval. The moment they scream “Yes”, the rapper smiles mischievously, lifts the cake from his lap, and lowers it.

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He smiles gleefully in anticipation of the commotion he knows he is about to cause.

The moment the cake rested on the stage, the people at the front of the crowd stretched out their hands and shoved each other. Most of the people who got hold of it were women, and each person grabbed a handful of OkMalumKoolKat’s birthday cake.


Fans scramble for OkMalumKoolKat’s birthday cake. [Image: Screenshots from the video]

One light-skinned lady is even holding her phone, but she uses the same hand to scoop a piece of the cake.

Only crumbs of the cake remain on the tray after a few seconds, and the people laugh, some holding slices of the delicacy with both hands.

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The scene is rib-cracking. Watch the drama below.



Check out how Twitter peeps reacted to people scrambling for OkMalumKoolKat’s birthday cake.



Imagine seeing your girlfriend jumping and fighting for cake – grounds for a breakup for sure.


OkMalumKoolKat's Birthday Cake
Fans scramble for OkMalumKoolKat’s birthday cake. [Image: Screenshots from the video]


You see your girl here, and you have no option but to block her immediately on all platforms. Don’t even bother giving her any explanation. Pack her stuff and put it on the driveaway.


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People go to groove hungry maan!! Yhuu haii, the attack on the cake?? 😳




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