Cyan Boujee’s Boyfriend Bamzy Riches Exposes Her Violent Nature, Shows How He Was Assaulted


South African social media personality and brand influencer Cyan Boujee is embroiled in another GBV storm after being accused of assaulting her boyfriend, Bamzy Riches.

This comes after the curvy Youtube personality had accused Bamzy of assaulting her.  However, Bamzy has since refuted the allegations and shared a video exposing Cyan.

In the video, Bamzy has many visible injuries, while Cyan, on the other hand, does not seem to have any injuries.

In the video shared by controversial entertainment and gossip blogger Musa Khawula, Bamzy alleged that Cyan had attacked him after he tried to break up with her.



Cyan Boujee [Pictures: Instagram via Cyan Boujee]



Musa captioned the post,

Bamzy Riches is telling his side of the story.

Cyan Boujee assaulted Bamzy Riches on Wednesday night after she wanted money from him, and he refused.

Bamzy Riches wanted to break up, and Cyan Boujee had no intention to, and that’s what led to the fight.



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South Africans on social media have been called out for their seemingly double standards over the video. Instead of commiserating with Bamzy, some South Africans have been mocking him for his accent instead.

Here is how some South Africans reacted to Bamzy Riches’ video in which he alleged that Cyan Boujee had assaulted him.



I see men want us to feel sorry for them when they are abused, but here is an injured man and other men are mocking his accent. What’s the truth madoda? Are you victims or not? If you can’t support each other, why do you expect sympathy from us? Pls explain.


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As SA men we don’t recognise foreign men as one of our own

So we don’t care.



You guys and your double standards y’all were feeling sorry for Cyan when Musa posted those videos and pictures. Now this guy is showing his side of the story, y’all choose to focus on his accent and make fun of him.



This is not the first time someone accused Cyan of being violet remember not so long she cried GBV from the owner of some spot only to find out she assaulted him and a case was open.




Cyan Boujee’s life has too much drama yohhh I refuse to believe that she is an angel in this situation , there’s more to this story.. !
mo’girl is only 20 years with so much drama in her life yohh.


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funny how the men who say nobody takes them seriously after being abused are the same ones laughing at this man, very funny.



In December, Cyan was embroiled in a war of words with Mamelodi restaurant, Corner Butcher Meat Cafe.

The YouTube personality claimed that the owner of Corner Butcher assaulted her and her friends physically. Cyan Boujee even posted a photo of her battered face as proof of the attack.

The media personality demanded that the owner of Corner Butcher Meat Cafe be arrested, and the establishment be closed down.

However, Corner Butcher counterclaimed that Cyan Boujee and her friends had ganged up and attacked one of the artists performing at the venue.

The Shisanyama joint claimed that this altercation led to Cyan Boujee and her friends attacking the owner of Corner Market as well.

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