WATCH As Mam’Mkhize Welcomes Unexpected WILD New Friend Into Her Home


Mam’Mkhize was recently startled by an unusual and uninvited guest.

It would be very expected for random,  wild visitors to show up and roam around Mam’Mkhize’s house, considering how massive her mansion is and her expansive outdoor yard.

Recently, Royal AM owner Shauwn “Mam’Mkhize” Mkhize was having a good time at her Durban mansion.

She was sipping some smooth coffee with her big family when she heard weird sounds from her yard,  and she decided to check out what the commotion was about.

On opening her door, she was stunned to find a monkey playing in her yard.

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Shauwn Mam’Mkhize Mkhize Welcomes A New Unexpected Friend In Her Home. [Image: Instagram]

Despite being surprised by the uninvited visitor, Mam’Mkhize did not scare or chase the monkey away.

Instead, she took the bowl of food that she was having and started throwing morsels of bread at the little monkey so it could eat too.

The apprehensive monkey was untrusting of Mam’Mkhize, but she assured it as if it could understand human language.

Eventually, the monkey accepts the pieces of bread and picks them up to eat.

As much as she welcomed her new friend, she stood cautiously, ready to run away if the monkey charged towards her to attack.

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Mam'Mkhize Welcomes New Friend
Shauwn Mam’Mkhize Mkhize Welcomes A New Unexpected Friend In Her Home. [Image: Screenshots from the video]

As she was standing on the door just by the wall of her home, Mam’Mkhize can be heard speaking to the monkey:


Yes, that’s fine.  Yes, my monkey. Eat my monkey. Yes,  good one, monkey. u Monkey is eating bread. Take another one. 


The monkey tries to flee from Shauwn, and she says,  “Nooo, we’re not fighting.”


Watch the hilarious encounter below as Mam’Mkhize welcomes an unexpected wild new friend into her home.


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