A walker was baffled by a strange “squishy and soft” sea creature that “burrowed into the sand” at a US beach.

The walker was dandering along the shoreline in Naples, Florida in January when they spotted the creature, before they took to Reddit to share an image.

“Anyone know what this is? I found him today on the beach in Naples, FL! He started burrowing into the sand as well,” the baffled user wrote.

One person responded saying that the creature is a sea hare, which is a mollusc with a soft internal shell made of protein.

Revealing that the touched the animal, the user wrote: “It was just a lil squishy and soft!!”

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One person responded saying that the creature is a sea hare, which is a mollusc with a soft internal shell

The sea hare is actually a marine snail, found in shallow water and occasionally in rockpools on the low shore.

They feed on seaweed and it is thought that this is what gives each sea hare its colour. For example, green sea hares like eating green seaweeds like sea lettuce whilst the reddish-maroon sea hares usually eat red seaweeds.

Sea hares have an internal shell, which is around four centimetres long and transparent.

Like sea slugs, the sea hare is a hermaphrodite and they sometimes mate in chains, with an individual acting as both male and female.

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They lay eggs in long pink threads, which are deposited on seaweed and “look a bit like pink spaghetti,” according to Wildlifetrusts.org.

The news follows Roman Fedortsov, a Russian fisherman, catching a “baby dragon” sea creature.

Fedorstov has become a viral sensation through his Instagram posts showing bizarre creatures he has captured, and showed off the latest “dragon-like” beast he pulled from the depths.

Roman Fedortsov, who works on commercial trawlers, was fishing in the Norwegian Sea when he came across the unusual-looking creature.

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He snapped a photograph of the fish, which appears light pink in colour, with large eyes, wing shapes on the body and a long tail.

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