Woman Kills Her 3-Month-Old Baby, Jubilates On Facebook (Photo)

Surprising moment in Atlanta after a woman intentionally rammed her car into her 3-month-old daughter and injured the child’s father.

The man who called 911 to rescue Undra Henderson and his three-month-old daughter from a mangled vehicle said he found the 27-year-old bleeding and trapped with Khy’undra Henderson lying on the car floor.Facebook, Jubilation, Atlanta, Daughter, NAIJA GIST TODAY,NIGERIAN CELEBRITY GISTS ,LATEST NEWS,NIGERIAN MUSICIANS ,LATEST NEWS,NIGERIAN MUSIC INDUSTRY ,LATEST NEWS,MUSICIANS, News, breaking news, latest news, Nigeria news, naija news, trending news, bbc news, vanguard news today, davido

It emerged Titayanna Phillips, the Atlanta mother “caused the death of her three-month-old daughter by intentionally crashing her car into the vehicle of her daughter’s father.” Police say Undra Henderson had placed his daughter, Khy’undra in his Honda sedan and was driving away when the baby’s mother, Titayanna Phillips, raced after them.

Phillips, 21, rammed her SUV multiple times into Henderson’s sedan till he lost control and slammed the car against a pole on Chappell Road near Eason Street in northwest Atlanta.

The Monday evening incident has stunned people but it has emerged there has been two prior incidents involving disorderly conduct by Phillips who does not have custody of the baby, according to 11alive.com.

It has emerged Titayanna Phillips who has been charged with felony murder and aggravated assault also has mental and physical health issues.

On Tuesday morning, Henderson commented on Facebook: “Um blessed to be alive but without khy’undra this sht don’t even matter.”

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