Stop mourning Arotile, says Ukraine-based Nigerian pastor

A Nigerian Ukraine based pastor, Sunday Adelaja who is the senior pastor and founder of the Embassy of the Blessed Kingdom of God for All Nationa, has told Nigerians to stop mourning the death of Tolulope Arotile.

The first female fighter pilot was crushed today death by her former classmate.

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Adelaja, in a video released online, said instead of mourning the passing of Arotile, Nigerians should immortalise and celebrate her values.

Adelaja said she made her mark before dying and Nigerians should concentrate on her achievements.

He said, “We must focus more on why we should rejoice for her and celebrate her life. I want us to shift our focus from mourning to celebration. There is a place for mourning. But we must see her as a hero that she was. We must talk about the accomplishment and inspiration she brought to our nation. She has put womanhood on the map. She has written her name in gold.”

The cleric said many Africans erroneously believed that everybody must live long to make an impact, adding that Jesus and John the Baptist, died young and changed the world.

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