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Nigerian man advises newly married couples not to spend their first night in hotels



A young man, Ekerenam Asuquo took to Facebook to caution newly married couples to stop going to hotels spend their first night in hotels as men have slept on same hotel beds with prostitutes.

According to Asuquo hotel rooms are usually used by men to sleep with prostitutes, and therefore it is wrong and ‘stupid’ to lay your marital alter from there….

He wrote;

“Dear newly married couples… Stop going to hotels to spend your first night with each other… The same bed hired by some men to sleep with prostitutes is where you lay your marital alter… Its not just wrong, its stupid.

Even if you have one room, sleep with your wife in your one room. Sex is spiritual. Don’t mess up your “foundation” (Over sabi people will now say I’m being religious… I’m being spiritual dear)


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