“My brother will never take his own life,” Sister of boy who allegedly committed suicide at a friend’s house

Sister of young man who allegedly committed suicide at his friend’s house, has cried out, claiming her brother will never commit suicide.

The young man allegedly committed suicide at a friend’s house in Abuja has been identified as Cyril James Abba from Igede, Benue State.

The 28-year-old died on Monday morning, July 13, 2020 after allegedly drinking a poisonous substance.

Speaking on his death, his bereaved younger sister, Margret Abba, said although her brother was recovering from a mental illness at the time of his death, he would never had taken his own life.

“First of all, my brother was passing through a lot but the last thing he’ll ever do is take his own life.

This person doesn’t know a thing about what happened and has already started concluding. I won’t allow my brother to be disrespected this way, all in the name of getting his friend released.

We were actually going to perform an autopsy but couldn’t afford it, so my mom left everything to God.

The guy they arrested told the police different kinds of story and refuse to say the truth. There’s no proof that he did it, so he’ll be released soon. People should be nice and may his soul Rest In Peace,” she said.

Margret also added that, “We were told people thought he was epileptic and they left him thinking he’ll recover, not knowing that he was dying.”

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