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Danfo Driver stripped for failing to remit earning due to bus’ “spiritual problem”



Here is a surprising moment, a Danfo driver was made to go totally unclad by the owner of the Danfo for failing to remit the day’s earning due to a “spiritual problem.” affecting the bus.

According to reports, the bus owner gave the driver the vehicle to be remitting money back to him daily, but  he defaulted, which made the owner to track him down and strip him naked.

Explaining himself, the driver claimed the bus has a spiritual problem, as policemen are always arresting him because of the bus…

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In other news, famous Ghanaian actor and producer, Prince David Osei, known as a lover boy in many movies, has been accused of reportedly asking females on social media to send him their nude pictures. Some chats from the conversation David Osei had with some ladies have been gathered as evidence.

Although the ladies identities are yet to be revealed , one of the leaked chats indicated a request by him for a nude photo from a lady.

The 34 year old has denied these accusations by claiming he was in Dubai at the time of the conversation with her. In the chat, it is obvious that the lady has a close rapport with the actor as she expressed her anticipation to meet him one day.


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