‘Corona Special Tea’ With Immunity-Boosting Ingredients Becomes Hit

An outlet in Telangana’s Warangal has kicked off the selling of “anti-corona” tea amidst the Coronavirus pandemic.

The tea has become an instant hit with the locals as the beverage is laced with natural immunity-boosting ingredients

“We sell tea named ‘anti-corona’. It has natural immunity-boosting ingredients such as ginger, black pepper, cinnamon powder, among other things. A mixture of these ingredients boosts our immunity,” Shiva, the owner of the tea shop told ANI.

Better immunity is needed to fight the coronavirus infection in the body. So we have started preparing this tea and selling it during the coronavirus pandemic,” he added.

Prabhakar, a customer at the tea stall said, the tea was a “corona special tea,” and it has Ayurvedic mixtures which help to boost the immunity of the human body.

The tea is prepared after adding the Ayurveda mixtures to milk. This is good for your health. I, along with my family members and friends, come here every day. We drink this tea thrice a day,” Prabhakar added.

According to the Union Health Ministry, there are 46,274 COVID-19 cases in Telangana. Meanwhile, India’s coronavirus count stood at 11,92,915 on Wednesday morning.


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