Bride calls off wedding outside church after finding out ‘groom slept with bridesmaid’ (Video)

A wedding has ended in tears as bride called off her wedding after she learnt that the bride had slept with bridesmaid.

The woman was said to have learned of her partner’s alleged indiscretion while on her way to a church in the area of Garki in Abuja, central Nigeria last week.

The groom is accused of sleeping with the bride’s best friend, who also happened to be a bridesmaid on the big day.

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Mobile phone footage shows the infuriated woman stepping out of a car in her white wedding gown and refusing to go inside the church.

She calls off the wedding ceremony and promptly walks away from the venue.

A man, who appears to be the groom in a black suit, chases after her and can be heard saying in Pidgin English: “I’m trying to explain … please.”

The visibly upset bride then replies: “Don’t touch me.”

They argue at the pavement next to a busy road as the distraught woman tries to get out of the place.

Other guests who heard of the commotion are seen coming out of the church and start filming the pair.

A woman in a yellow top tries to stop the bride from leaving but gets pushed away.

According to the news site GhPage, the angry bride called off the ceremony and left the church on her own.

The groom and both sets of families were reportedly stunned by the sudden turn of events.

However, they were unable to convince the bride to carry on with the wedding.

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