After the death of his wife, man discovers his children do not belong to him, uncovers late wife’s plan to eliminate him

A concerned sister has narrated a shocking puzzling circumstances happening within her family concerning her elder brother and his late wife.

She revealed that her brother has recently confirmed that his two kids do not belong to him after the death of his wife. The wife died while giving birth to her third child.


According to the sister, her brother got married at age of 28, their wedding was full of joy and happiness.

After the marriage, the woman stayed for 10 years before she could bear her first son and she also gave birth to a daughter as well, She was about to birth her third child when she died.

According to the sister, she stated that, two months after her burial, a man approached the family and revealed that he is the true father of the two children, that he planned together with the late wife to kill the husband after giving birth to four children so as to inherit all the husband’s properties.

She revealed that the brother has undergone DNA test which revealed that he is not the biological father of the two son.

The lady also revealed that her brother is potent and has the ability to impregnate a woman as he has in the past impregnated over 10 women, but they all aborted for him

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