21-year-old man allegedly poisons his twin brother for money ritual (video)

A 21-year-old man have been paraded in a village in one of the South-East states for reportedly poisoning his twin brother for money ritual through a pot of stew.

The suspect was caught after his twin brother noticed that the stew had changed colour.

He reportedly confessed to poisoning his brother’s food for quick money, because he is tired of of suffering.

The suspect who was seen carrying the pot of food on his head in the video, was forced to drink palm oil after eating a poisoned meat from the food.

Watch the video;

In a similar case, operatives of Anambra State Police Command months ago nabbed a 26-year-old man identified as Paul for allegedly killing his only elder brother.

The 26-year-old suspect told newsmen while granting interview that the devil pushed him to kill his only elder brother so that he can take full ownership of his later brother’s iPhone 11.

Paul further revealed that he did so because he is not financially buoyant enough to get one for himself and he can’t bare the mockery from his friends who have been mocking him for the inability to get one for himself anymore.

While narrating how he killed his brother, Paul said that he poisoned his brother with Sniper while he was taking his breakfast and that he died instantly on the spot.

Although, he has been charged for murder but his mother is seriously pleading for his release, saying she had only him left.

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