Vile mums ‘let hungry kids become filthy and infested with lice in squalor’

A pair of evil mums are suspected of abandoning their six kids in squalor after authorities found a tot had started eating his own poo in order to survive, court records claim.

The children aged between one and nine were found riddled with lice in the same appalling Texas, US, property.

Riccy Padilla-Hernandez, 28, and Yures Molina, 34, who are mums to three of the children each have both been charged with endangering a child, KPRC reports.

The relationship between the women is not clear beyond their kids sharing the same roof after a maintenance man saw a child alone last Wednesday.

Riccy Padilla-Hernandez, 28, claimed she had just been sorting out her taxes

The site worker called the police when Padilla-Hernandez’s two-year-old daughter, was wandering barefooted beside a swimming pool without supervision.

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The Houston Police Department was given a tour of the foul apartment by the freely roaming toddler’s older brother.

Most concerning to the officers was seeing evidence of Molina’s one-year-old son eating his own feces inside his crib.

Early stages of the investigation did not reveal how long the children had been abandoned but it was enough time for Molina’s nine-year-old son to become infested with lice and covered in dirt.

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Houston Police investigated the call from a maintenance worker

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Padilla-Hernandez left her little ones to fend for themselves despite one of them having special needs which leaves him unable to care for himself, investigators said in a police report.

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Officers were still at the property when Padilla-Hernandez returned. She told them that she had just been “doing her taxes”.

Seven months pregnant Molina was not at the property at the time but will join Padilla-Hernandez in court on Monday after they posted their £12,700 ($15,000) bond on Friday.

Their children meanwhile have been safely relocated to the custody of Children’s Protective Services.