VIDEO: “She was killed for ritual purposes” – Brother of Akwa Ibom job seeker reveals

The brother of the cenforce 25 mg Akwa Ibom job seeker (Iniubong Umoren), who met her demise in the pursuit of a better life, has revealed that his sister was murdered for new order lyrics ritual purposes.

In a recent video, the victim’s sibling expressed gratitude to the police for their assistance in the hunt for the deceased.

Other dead bodies were also discovered at the crime scene, according to him, and they are currently awaiting the arrival of the authorities, who will perform a thorough identification and then hand the body over to them.

Akwa Ibom Job seeker Ritual purposes brother Iniubong Umoren

He also illuminated the importance of not only capturing the suspect, who is known as  buy cheap prednisone online Uduak Frank Akpan but for a proper investigation to be carried out in order to ascertain the buyers of the body parts also.

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Abhar Watch the video below:


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