Video Of A Lady Dancing At Alick Macheso’s Executive Launch Breaks The Internet


A video of a woman dancing at Aleck Macheso’s executive launch has sent social media into a frenzy.

In the video which has since gone viral, the woman can be seen dancing in the forefront as Alick Macheso performed on stage.

The lady caught the attention of many people who were at the launch as they couldn’t help but watch her groove. Those who were dancing actually stopped and gave her the space to dance.

Social media users were quite impressed with her dance moves and how she enjoyed herself.

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Here are some of the reactions;


I aspire to be this happy 😂


We need more people like her🔥🔥iwe ungaende kumafaro kunomira here….hapana zvekumboti ihure apa🙌🙌🙌she’s doing the right thing


Enjoyment ka😂😂ukasatodaro muzim haunakidzwe


Yes wena girl… Music yababa Sharo ritori drug unotombodhakwa chete negitare🔥🔥


Some social media users dragged her for dancing the way she did saying it was unladylike while some argued that the dress she was wearing was not befitting of the way she was dancing. However, some came to her defence saying that they should stop acting holier than thou.


👏👏👏👏yessss let her enjoy her life marwadziwa neyi apo … it’s a birthday bass for crying out loud, a time to celebrate life 😂😂😂👏👏 even in that executive party with heels 👠 get down sis you paid for it 👏👏👏👏


Chinonetsa is people are bringing church vibes to the wrong platform just let the lady be ko atadzei hake she’s just having fun and we’re all familiar with the vibes of baShero’s music I like her she’s real and authentic she enjoyed herself that was the purpose of attending the function but those who feel like she misbehaved are welcome to go to church vaMagaya variko . Stop acting holier than thou

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