VIDEO: Couple busted having s*x in the bush in broad daylight

A video of a couple having s*x in the woods is circulating on social media, especially on Twitter, and netizens can’t get enough of it.

This Easter, how about some s**ual healing? .. Whatever you do, don’t do it in the bushes, particularly if you’re not wearing a mask…lol.

Couple busted having s_x in the bush in broad daylight, video goes viral

With their awkward videos on social media sites, the poking nation has always astounded netizens. They’ve done it before, and they’ve done it again.

A video of a couple doing it in the bushes is making the rounds on social media this time.

Although the exact location and date of the incident are unknown, one thing is certain: the couple had no remorse. When passers-by yelled at them to stop, they did not.

It’s obvious from the video that some of the onlookers are acquainted with the pair. The woman who was filming the incident struggled miserably to deter the couple.

“There are kids here. Please stop what you are doing,” she is heard saying. But they continued.

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