Reality television star MaYeni addressed trolls over the social media hate that she has been receiving. The Uthando Nes’thembu star took to social media to post a video telling people to back off. 

MaYeni is the second wife of the famous polygamist Musa Mseleku. Fans of the show love her, but she turned out to be questionable after a recent stint.

MaYeni refused to attend Thobile MaKhumalo Mseleku’s traditional event on Uthando NeSthembuMaCele, the first wife, also refused to attend the ceremony. Many fans of the show love MaKhumalo, and they feel like she is Mseleku’s favourite wife. Fans see MaYeni and MaCele attacking MaKhumalo with their refusal to attend the ceremony.

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MaYeni smiling. Image: IG/MaYeni

Trolls on social media

Since the airing of the episode, Mzansi has been divided. Firstly, Thobile was very upset and expressed she felt betrayed by the two women. Secondly, when MaYeni expressed she won’t go to the event, Thobile revealed her feelings. Thobile said MaYeni never liked her, and she only tolerated her.

From then on, viewers saw MaYeni in a more evil light. Viewers attacked MaYeni on Instagram, calling her an evil and spiteful woman. Some said hating MaKhumalo won’t change the fact that Musa loves her more. The comments came in numbers, and the reality show star came to a breaking point.


MaYeni throwback picture
MaYeni throwback picture. Image: IG/MaYeni Mseleku

MaYeni’s video to the trolls

MaYeni said, firstly, the people commenting on her social media do not know her at all. Secondly, she said they shouldn’t comment negative things on her Instagram. Thirdly, whatever a person is feeling, they should keep it in their heart and not her social media.

MaYeni is not the only Mseleku to release such a video. Sne Mseleku, the daughter of Musa Mseleku, reached her own breaking point. Her comment sections were full of people commenting about her multiple pregnancies. Addressing such issues with videos seems normal in the Mseleku household.


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