Noah Alan has light hair and blue eyes, as indicated by specialists. The Kent County Sheriff’s Office has stood out of late for their job in tracking down the missing 1-year-old in southern Kent County.

The child was most recently seen a couple of days prior, so police are investigating it. The child’s body was found on Monday morning.

Most recent Update On Noah Allen Missing Case Noah Alan Jordan was a Kent County, Michigan, one-year-old child. On Sunday around 11 a.m., the youngster disappeared from his Cutler Estates home.

According to, the child was seen wearing his night robe about his home in the 6000 squares of Fort Avenue SW in the division and M-6 area. Since Noah disappeared as a one-year-old kid, specialists have been hunting all over.

Police looked through the entire area on Sunday, halting at each house. Afterward, specialists focused their endeavors on an adjoining stream, which had as of late been streaming higher and quicker than expected.

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Noah was just a year old when he was killed in an awful mishap that probably made’s everyone extremely upset. Individuals have addressed how God could be so horrible to a one-year-old newborn child who had as of late entered the world yet couldn’t make due.

Noah Alan Parents Devastated After The Incident Noah Alan was the wellspring of delight for his folks, and they loved him. The baby was born in late 2020, and his folks were thrilled to invite him into the world, yet their euphoria was brief.

Noah’s folks announced their roughly 2-year-old kid missing subsequent to being not able to find them in the house. They immediately mentioned help, and police answered as they revealed their youth missing.

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No parent on the planet needs to go through this troublesome time since it is quite possibly the most troublesome phase of nurturing. The guardians have generally given brilliant consideration to their kid, however fate has smiled down from heaven, and nobody can upset God’s choice.

We are similarly crushed by the insight about this event. We offer Alan’s folks and other relatives strength and fortitude at this troublesome time, and we petition God for the newborn child’s spirit to find happiness in the hereafter.

What Befell Noah Allen Jordan otherwise known as Noah Alan? Noah Alan was observed dead today morning May 2, 2022, on Monday. The one-year-old kid was raised with all adoration and care by his folks who were the lone offspring of his folks.

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As Noah was the lone offspring of his folks, his passing has been the best shock to them. The child was his parent’s number one as well as his neighbor’s #1.

Since the beginning of the episode yesterday, the Michigan State Police, Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office, Cutlerville Fire Department, Georgetown Fire Department, and different other fire and search and safeguard organizations have helped. During this troublesome time, our contemplations and petitions to God are with Noah’s loved ones.

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