United Kingdom: 27-Year-Old Pole Dancer Commits Suicide

The UK police have identified the body of a 27-year-old woman known as Jessica Leanne Norris, she is said to be a pole-dancer champion from the UK. The deceased hung herself after struggling during the current lockdown in the country, leaving a note at her doorstep saying: “Don’t come in. Ring 999. I’m so sorry.” A note was also found for Jessica’s maid telling her she loved her. It was stated that Jessica battled with mental health issues since her childhood

Her mum Alanna Norris said: “Jess led a life of the structure, and struggled when lockdown meant that she could not teach or take part in pole-dancing competitions.” Kay Penney, the founder of Miss Pole Dance UK, described Miss Norris as a “national treasure”.

She said: “Thank you for your contribution and as a true ambassador for the aerial arts, touching so many lives, hearts, and souls, lifting many of us with your entertaining, unforgettable, and mesmerizing routines.

“Thank you for your unquestionable dedication and sharing your talent through many classes, masterclasses, camps, events, and competitions.

“You shone like a beacon of hope on so many stages and your legacy will live on forever in the history of the pole and personally as my pole daughter, who constantly showed your gratitude over the years and during your reign as double female singles champion.”

The inquest hearing was told a toxicologist found no evidence of drugs or alcohol in her system. Jessica aged just 15 sets up her first studio and went on to claim the title of Miss Pole Dance UK in 2011 and 2015.

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