Unbelievable Story Of Man Who Allegedly Killed His Wife And 5-Year-Old Son And Set Their Bodies On Fire

Muhammad Meddie Magezi has been arrested in Uganda in connection with the deaths of his wife and their 5-year-old son in a house fire.

Police investigations into the deaths of Bushirah Zaina Baguwemu, 33, and her son Muhammad Magezi Junior, in a fire that destroyed an apartment in Masaka City, revealed that the fire was sparked by the victim’s husband.

On March 20, 2021, a fire broke out in their rented apartment on Herbert Street, Bata Cell in Masaka City, killing both the mother and the son.

Muhammad Magezi Senior set the apartment on fire after killing his wife and son after a bitter quarrel, according to Mr Muhammad Nsubuga, the southern region police spokesperson, who announced the arrest on Thursday, March 25.

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According to police, by the time the couple’s two-bedroomed apartment went into flames, there were four people inside the house; the deceased, Magezi senior and his daughter-in-law who survived unhurt.

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Nsubuga said their preliminary investigations indicate that Magezi killed his wife and son before he set the apartment on fire to cover up the crime.

“We have received intelligence information that the couple had misunderstandings for a long time prior to the weekend fire incident. We have arrested the husband on charges of murder and his file has been taken to the Director Public Prosecution (DPP) for legal guidance before he is arraigned in court,” Mr Nsubuga said on Thursday.

Neighbors said Baguwemu returned last December from Saudi Arabia where she was working and that she had just joined the husband in their rented apartment.

“The catalyst for this alleged murder was the wife’s discovery that the husband had an affair with his daughter-in-law at the time she was on Kyeyo in Saudi Arabia. The [couple] used to fight at night and it is unfortunate that such a disagreement ended the life of the wife and son,” one of the neighbors who asked not to be named in this story told reporters.

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