Ukraine deploying terrifying weaponry that can ‘destroy any Russian tank’

Ukrainian troops have deployed a new anti-tank weapon that they received from Germany which can reportedly destroy any Russian tank.

The Panzerfaust 3-IT anti-tank weapon was first used between 1978 and 1985 after having been ordered by West Germany in order to pierce through Soviet armour.

In a picture posted on Reddit, a Ukrainian soldier is seen holding the massive weapon, seemingly ready to use it against any Russian invaders it comes across.

In what seems to be a cruel twist of irony, the original Panzerfaust was used in World War Two by the Germans against the Soviets and now its successor is being used against the Russians by the Ukrainians.

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The Panzerfaust 3-IT is said to be able to destroy any tank

A Reddit user wrote: “And again it’s Panzerfausts vs Russian Tanks in the Donbas. Russia learned nothing from the price they paid in ww2.”

A second replied: “‘Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it’ – George Santayana.”

Another commented: “That’s what gets me. It’s 2022 and Panzerfausts will be deployed against Russian armour… again. WTF.”

Other Redditors chose to comment on the weapon’s look, with one writing: “Dang, the Germans sure do make really pretty weapons. Aesthetically that is.”

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A second said: “Man… Germans make the coolest looking weapons”, while a third added: “The most badass looking anti-tank weapon! Kill em all.”

Germans used the original Panzerfaust against the Soviets in WW2 and now Ukrainians are using its successor against the Russians
Germans used the original Panzerfaust against the Soviets in World War Two

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This news comes just a couple of days after Russia launched hypersonic missiles for the first time ever.

The Russian military says it used the Kinzhal hypersonic missile to destroy an underground ammunition depot in Delyatyn, Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast, according to local news outlet Zvezda.

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Missiles such as the 3M22 Zircon are said to be so fast and able to fly so low that they evade traditional anti-missile defence systems.

The Kremlin had previously branded the deadly weapon, which carries a conventional or nuclear warhead, “unstoppable”.