UK Comedian Sparks Furore After Shaming Khanyi Mbau For Bleaching Her Skin


UK Comedian Sparks Furore After Shaming Khanyi Mbau For Bleaching Her Skin



A UK comedian has sparked a massive furore online after she shamed South African actress Khanyi Mbau for bleaching her skin.

Ava Vidal, a UK comedian, journalist and media personality, shared photos of Khanyi Mbau before and after her skin bleaching and remarked that it’s embarrassing.

Writing on social media platform Twitter, Ava Vidal said,

Absolutely ridiculous. Honestly. It’s embarrassing af.



Vidal’s post on Khanyi’s bleaching blew up and went viral across social media as many people engaged with her on the topic. Some people, especially foreigners, criticised the “Young, Famous & African” star over her beauty treatment. They accused Khanyi of self-hate and of promoting colourism.


You’re raising a very good point.

Protecting black women means having honest conversations about societal issues like skin bleaching and the associated inferiority complex.

Don’t fold.


I honestly feel really sad when I see a darker tone black woman bleach their skin to this extent not only because they didn’t cherish their melanin but because society/social media really got into their heads that they wouldn’t be beautiful unless they were lighter.



While Kanyi herself has never been shy about admitting that she bleaches her skin and has had extensive cosmetic surgery, many South Africans took umbrage at the UK comedian’s remarks about her.

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Social media users from South Africa defended Khanyi Mbau and accused Ava of hating on her. Some said that all women, Khanyi included, should feel free to live up to their own standards of beauty without worrying about society’s expectations.

Some also accused Ava of being mean spirited and unkind in her remarks to Khanyi Mbau. They called on her to be more empathetic and understanding.

Others accused Ava of having a double standard when it comes to beauty and how women should treat themselves. Some social media users went as far as suggesting that Ava should not use any form of artificial beauty enhancers, including weaves if she is such a stickler for being natural.



Let’s stop acting like we don’t know how the world treat light skin people against dark skin people, especially women. Please be more empathetic.



I try not to criticise Black people who uses skin bleaching creams so harshly bc we need to understand that they learn these behaviors from white ppl. White ppl need to be questioned and held accountable for dehumanising
people darker skin ppl.


you’re literally opening up a space for people to bully Khanyi. who are you protecting?


I don’t think embarrassing was the right word to use. She is still a black woman at the end of the day, we don’t have to put her down.


Is this Khanyii? I love her lol but besides that. This world is so unkind to darker women I understand how hard it must have been for her. Get up off her bitches! This world taught her that her skin was unacceptable, so she did what she had to do to be accepted. Blame the world.


shaming women who bleach their skin is not an attack on the colorism that pushes them to do it

yall are not fighting anything, you’re not having any conversations that mean anything youre not helping or protecting darkskinned black women
leave us alone if this is all u have for us


Something that @ShonaFeminist once said in an interview has stuck with me:

Women who bleach aren’t dumb or ill-informed. They know the risks & know the rewards. They know that light skin is desirable & beneficial. The day that stops being true is the day that bleaching stops.


Listen here sir. In this country we allow our people to do what makes them happy with their own skin & bodies. I bet if you had the money you’d prolly change the way you look too cos you’re probably ashamed of the way you look. Hands off our @MbauReloaded


You don’t like colourism but want to bash women that are clear victims of colourism. I don’t get it.


You don’t like colourism but want to bash women that are clear victims of colourism. I don’t get it


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However, the UK comedian did not back down or change her stance despite all the backlash.  Instead, she announced that she will be hosting a Twitter Space titled “Skin Bleaching and colourism. Let’s discuss” on Friday.


Said Ava Vidal,

Please join us for what will be a very interesting conversation. I never record my spaces so feel free to come and vent. Abuse of any kind will not be tolerated. See you all there!


UK Comedian Sparks Furore After Shaming Khanyi Mbau For Bleaching Her Skin
Ava Vidal [Photo: Wikipedia]: UK Comedian Sparks Furore After Shaming Khanyi Mbau For Bleaching Her Skin


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In 2017, the famous celebrity forked out a massive R95 000 on cosmetic surgery. She underwent a waist reduction procedure, liposuction and had work done on her breasts.

Speaking on her skin colour and colourism in the entertainment industry, Khanyi revealed that she spends around R10 000 a month maintaining her complexion.

“90% of the colour of my skin is cosmetic now and this was a personal choice but not because it’s something that’s needed for the industry. It’s something that I preferred, and I realised that once my skin is fairer, they have to use less makeup.

“Unlike sitting in the chair before I shoot a movie for long, I could just put on powder and go. So for me, that was a maintenance issue I wanted to do,” she told eNCA.

Khanyi Mbau has also made it clear that she does not care about what people think of her or her skin bleaching and cosmetic surgery. In 2019, she wrote that people’s opinions do not mean anything to her.


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