Tweeps React To A Pastor Isaac Ngwenya Who Was Exposed For Sleeping With Congregants

Tweeps React To A Pastor Isaac Ngwenya Who Was Exposed For Sleeping With Congregants


Pastor Isaac Ngwenya


Talk of the shepherd chowing his sheep.

A South African clergy has torched the reaction of Tweeps after it emerged that he is preying on and sleeping with his church’s congregants.

Screenshots leaked, exposing Pastor Isaac Ngwenya for his sexual predatory tendencies. The WhatsApp conversations were allegedly released by the girl he was to sleep with, who is yet to be identified.

The conversation shows that the two must have been involved in an intimate relationship. The lady in question appreciated the Pastor for a sermon he delivered, and in no time, the conversation had escalated into “holy sex”.

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Tweeps suspect the girl is young, as she is still staying with her parents. Check out excerpts of the WhatsApp conversation below.

Lady: That was a nice sermon man of God. You are truly gifted. I feel blessed.

Pastor Ngwenya: Thanx, wait until I bless your body tonight. I will give you holy sex with my anointed 🍆🥰😘😋

Lady: That will be great Daddy. I told my mother that we have special prayer until 10, she will be expecting me to be home by 11.

Pastor Ngwenya: No problem. Bless man of God with something special. Send me something to tempt my spirit.

(To which the lady sends half naked pictures.)

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Pastor Ngwenya: You have just provoked heavenly blessings. I declare 100% pass on your exams.

Lady: I receive man of God. I receive Papa.

Pastor Ngwenya: Send another one my angel.

(The lady sends more pictures.)

Tweeps found the juxtaposing of sex and spirituality quite comical. Check out their reactions.



Pretend to be man of God n ask her to send something to tempt the holy spirit 🤣🤣


Why would the man of got hit himself with own goal…phela nguye oshute ama screenshots lawa


Did he just pull a DJ Khaled at the end…?

“Another one…”

After they f*cked, he probably went…

“Babe, WE THE BEST…”

We are in hell…! Nobody going there, cos we there already


This man of God has lines on how to ask for nudes eeegh eeegh my Lord I wonder


The content delivered by man of god is remarkable,”death by tempt my spirit”🤣

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