Tweeps React As Mayor Wadyajena Wins Court Case Against Borrowdale Brooke Residents

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Cassano d'Adda Tweeps React As Mayor Wadyajena Wins Court Case Against Borrowdale Brooke Residents

Justice Mayor Wadyajena


Gokwe-Nembudziya MP Justice Mayor Wadyajena is over the moon after winning a court case against Borrowdale Brooke residents.

Justice Mayor Wadyajena recently courted the ire of residents of the upscale Borrowdale Brooke community after he was accused of making noise and speeding his car in the neighbourhood in the middle of the night. As a result, the Borrowdale Brooke Homeowners Association (BBHOA) deactivated his vehicle tags and relegated him to the visitors’ lane to enter and exit the plush residential area.

The case ended up spilling into court after Mayor Wadyajena sued BBHOA for deactivating his vehicle tags. Justice Mayor Wadyajena won a case in which he sued the homeowners association.

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Ruling on the matter, High Court judge Justice Never Katiyo on Wednesday ordered that BBHOA immediately restore legislator Mayor Wadyejena’s access rights to the Estate by reactivating his vehicle tags.

The High Court also ruled that Borrowdale Brooke Estate Home Owners Association should never deactivate Hon Wadyajena’s access tags without a court order.

Following his court battle victory, Mayor Wadyajena took to Twitter and wrote;

No one can ever shame my Nembudziya roots. I’m immensely proud of my origins. No Uncle Toms that will even break the law to ingratiate themselves to their racist masters can EVER tell me where I can lay my head. This is OUR land. Try those games with your house n3gr03$, not me!

In another post, Mayor Wadyajena likened his court battle to slavery as he posted pictures from the days of slavery alongside the court order.

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A number of people are quite unimpressed with the fact that Mayor Wadyajena won the case against Borrowdale Brooke’s residents. Tweeps slammed him for his behaviour as they argued that all the drama he caused was unnecessary.


Murume mukuru kuswerera kunyaudza vanhu, uri bharanzi chairo

You’re delusional: how can you compare the fight against slavery to your access to a lavish lifestyle…?

Wadyajena should learn to live in peace with his neighbors! All this drama is unnecessary! His behavior in that neighborhood works against the party and indeed it is contrary to the principles and values of ZANU PF!

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