Truck Driver’s Wife and landlord stuck together in a trap while secretly having s3x – Video

Shocker video is making the rounds on the world wide web showing a h0rny couple stuck onto each other in bizarre incident only explained by the supernatural.

According to sources, the incident happened in Namibia. It is believed the woman in the picture is the wife of a truck driver who does crossborder driving.

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Community members recall that the woman in the video is a tenant at the house and befriended the landlord who happened to be a widower while her husband was away.

One thing led to the other and the two adults decided to have s3x when the woman’s husband was away. Unbeknownst to them the husband had long suspected his wife of promiscuity and seeked the help of a sangoma based in Malawi who have him the muthi.

MzansiNdaba sources confirmed that the trap set is activated when a woman sleeps with another man who is not the legal husband. The trap makes the two get stuck together and only the husband can release the trap.

Neighbors are believed to have called the husband to convince him to release the trap as his wife and husband had gotten stuck but the husband demanded 4 cows to release the two.

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