Tragedy as Learner Truck Driver Crashes Into Barbershop

Four Injured As Learner Truck Driver Crashes Into Barbershop

Four Injured As Learner Truck Driver Crashes Into Barbershop
Accident scene (Photo Credit: The Herald)


Four people from Gweru survived death by a  whisker after a learner UD truck crashed into a barbershop in the central business district yesterday evening.

According to witnesses the truck instructor, Nyatwa Chikuni who was also injured in the freak accident had started the engine while outside the truck.

Meanwhile, Thulani Siziba, one of the witnesses who spoke to The Herald said, the truck was parked with the gears engaged so when the learner driver started the engine the truck started moving and it rammed into the barbershop.

Siziba said he  was in the far corner but two of his colleagues were not so fortunate as they were hit by broken glasses and some wooden boards which fell upon impact when the truck crashed into the barbershop

He revealed that Chikuni was squeezed against the driver’s door and the walls as he tried to jump into the moving truck.

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Midlands provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Emmanuel Mahoko this morning said he was still checking details of the accident.

In another sad accident reported by iHarare, three employees from Lobels reportedly died on the spot after a Lobels delivery truck collided with a haulage truck at Buffalo Downs, a few kilometers outside Karoi on Wednesday at around 6 AM.  

Details about the incident are still sketchy. However, according to the police report on Twitter, the haulage truck which was coming from Zambia tried to overtake another vehicle before colliding with the Lobels bread delivery truck which was headed towards Karoi.

Police and fire tender from Karoi attended the scene and retrieved the trapped bodies of the deceased.

The bodies were also taken to the Karoi Hospital mortuary, while the driver of the haulage truck was also taken to Karoi Hospital where he is in stable condition.

Meanwhile, scores of hungry villagers in Karoi descended on the Lobels delivery truck which was involved in the accident and looted bread.

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