Eat And Die: Tragedy As Four Family Members, Two Dogs Die Of Suspected Food Poisoning

In a tragic development,  four family members and two dogs died on Saturday morning in a suspected case of food poisoning.

Zimbabwe Republic Police National Spokesperson, Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi confirmed the tragic incident that happened at village 3A Mushaviri in Gutu district saying;

According to the police report, the bodies were found with vomit coming out of their mouths and nostrils.

The deceased, Gamuchirai Guta aged 90, Tawanda Murova aged 34, Eunice Gozhore aged 69, and Jacob Ziracha aged 18 were found dead at their homestead by their neighbor Salimu Kadanda who reported the matter to the police.

Their bodies have since been taken to Gutu General Hospital for a post mortem

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Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said investigations are still underway.

Meanwhile, in another case reported by the police, a Tsholotsho man is battling for his life in hospital with a deep cut on the back of his head after a neighbor allegedly pummeled him with a golf stick in a fight.

Intelligence Sibanda of Shakiwa Line in Sipepa allegedly confronted Mayenziwe Sibanda and questioned him why he once slapped him. Upon being quizzed Mayenziwe became angry and the two started fighting.

Mayenziwe allegedly picked up a golf stick and hit Intelligence repeatedly all over the body resulting in him fainting.

Intelligence was rushed to Sipepa Clinic but was later transferred to Tsholotsho District Hospital because of the seriousness of the injuries.


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