Toyin Abraham reacts as Iyabo Ojo snubs former best friend Omo Brish after exposing her secrets

Nollywood actress Toyin Abraham has reacted over the drama involving her colleague Iyabo Ojo hours after her former best friend Omo Brish leaked some of the secrets they shared while in good times.

SleekGIST earlier reported that Omo Brish, in a voice note, alleged Iyabo Ojo faked the car she bought for her former PA/manager Gbemisola who Iyabo Ojo claimed almost ruined her business.

Actors Omo Brish And Iyabo Ojo Allegedly End Their ''BFF Ship'' | 36NG

According to Omo Brish, she bankrolled the movie ‘Under The Carpet’ and Iyabo Ojo boycotted her and refused to give her any credit but claimed the sole ownership of the movie.

Also, in the audio, Omo Brish alleged that she frequently sponsored Iyabo Ojo’s trips to London and shared her salaries with her during their good times.

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Omo Brish also alleged that Iyabo Ojo is always in the habit of engaging in fake surprises to impress people on Instagram.

Taking to Instagram, Toyin Abraham shared a photo of herself and Iyabo Ojo as she penned down heart felt message for her.

While consoling Iyabo Ojo for the social media brouhaha, Toyin Abraham said her colleagues have a good heart and remain the best amidst whatever her former best friend, Omo Brish, has said about her.

She wrote: My darling sister @iyaboojofespris I just want the world to know you have a very good heart and You are the best ever @iyaboojofespris I love you now and forever more

Toyin Abraham


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