Tonto Dikeh In Hot Tears, Begs Ex-Lover, Prince Kpokpogri, No To Leave Her after cheating (Audio)

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Actress Tonto Dikeh has been captured on camera begging her ex-lover, Prince Kpokpogri, not to leave her after she was caught cheating….
In the audio listened, Tonto Dikeh could be heard begging Prince Kpokpogri to give her another chance.

Prince Kpokpogri rejected her plea, saying that he values his peace of mind and wouldn’t want to put up with the actress any longer.

“Why do you think walking away will not give more peace? No, you can’t give me peace. See let me tell you ehn, from day one, it was not even up to two weeks when we started having crises,” he said.

“Can’t you see it yourself, a relationship that is not up to three months, yet you see the crisis…It’s like you don’t know me, I am a very peaceful person, anything that will threaten my peace, I will just run away…”

“I told you that right from day one that babe please oh, I’m a very peaceful person. Even as it is my now, my aunty will say we don’t have anybody here in Abuja. I’m the only family they have in Abuja.

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“I cannot even bring my cousin to come and stay with me, because the next thing is they will come and tell you she is my girlfriend and the next thing, everywhere will be on fire.

“Please, I just want that peace so everyone around me can be happy. Where is Captain Nosa today with all the money? I don’t want to die young, anything that will break or destroy my peace, I don’t want it.”

“Please, how much more do I need to keep begging you to be with me. I am so exhausted, please. I can give you peace,” the actress pleaded.

Cheating Allegation

Kpokpogri also alleged that the actress cheated with a man, citing a conversation on her phone. He quarried her for deleting the suspicious messages.

“A man came to you 2:30 am in the morning, he told you I’m at your door, there was no communication again till past 8 in the morning and you are asking me to think otherwise,” he said.

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Tonto Dikeh insisted that nothing of such happened. “If he slept in my room, will I be saying good morning by 8 o’clock. Would he be saying that if he slept in my room? I have told you the truth, I have told you my truth, nothing happened but if you want to do this your way…,” she said.

She noted that she deleted the messages out of fear. “Because I was scared; I was so scared, I didn’t know how to explain it to you. Someday, you will get to know the truth, maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, maybe you will never get to find out the truth but someday, you are going to know the truth and I pray that God is going to keep you alive to know the truth because,” she added.

Ottobrunn Tonto Dikeh drags in her son, Andre

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She reaffirmed her love for Prince Kpokpogri and begged him to take care of her son.

“I know you have heard this before but I cannot stand to lose you, and if you cannot take me back, I swear I don’t know how to convince you but please, I’m going to beg you to take care of my son for me,” she said.

“Just take care of my son for me. Just do this one thing for me, don’t let his father come back to him, just take him like your own, please do everything you can to please, raise him like your own. That’s all I’m going to say to you.

“I’m tired, my heart is tired, my whole being is tired since I walked into your door, I have been made to feel like I’m nobody, I am somebody, I’m a human being and because I love you so much doesn’t make me less a human being.”

Listen to the full audio below;



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