Today’s Sirf Tum Written Update 24th November 2021: Suhani Confesses Her Feelings To Ranveer?

The 24th November 2021 episode of Sirf Tum begins where Ranveer and Suhani are gradually coming closer to each other, as Ranveer is doing such things for her to solve all those circumstances which she has faced recently. Even he finds out her exam paper and handover to Principal where her roll number was changed by someone, and hence, she did not get her result. The principal assures him that the management team will figure out the entire case, and whoever will be the culprit that will get appropriate punishment for this exploit, because it is not good to play with someone’s career.

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Today's Sirf Tum Written Update 24th November 2021: Suhani Confesses Her Feelings To Ranveer?

Then the Principal decides to make her engraved in the Entrance exam so that, she can get admission to the University as she wants, because she got such an incredible mark and has all rights to choose her favorite college for study. Even Ranveer decides to welcome her in such a grand way, because her arrival is bringing joy for him and he will not let it go at all no matter what happens, because he loves her a lot. Hence he decided to do something special for her that will give a precious smile on her face.

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After a while, when Suhani arrives in the college he welcomes her as he wants and says that now she will get new heights towards her career to become a doctor, and no one will be able to stop her. As soon as she hears her happiness knows no bounds, because she also wants the same, and Ranveer is helping her in such a best manner. In short, she is also getting feelings for him because such a cooperative boy she got in the college, who is supporting her in everything, no matter they are related to studies or personal issues.

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Later, Suhani also wants to say something to Ranveer which indicates that she will also confess her true feelings for him, as he has done several things for her without having any greed. Suhani wonders that she should not have done such behavior with him as she accused him of all those things, which he did not even make. So she thanks him and leaves the place for attending her classes. Ranveer gets happy to hear her words and thinks that finally, she has started trusting him. So do not miss watching it on Colors and for further details stay connected with us.

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