Thousands of babies remains found in abortion doctor’s garage and car in Indiana 

Police photos indicated what the family of an Indiana abortion doctor saw when they attempted to tidy up his garage and discovered the remains of 2,246 embryos.

The gruesome discovery was made by the family after the death of Ulrich George Klopfer on Sept. 3 of natural causes. The family immediately contacted local law enforcement and cooperated with their investigation.

Police were stunned to find more than 2,400 remains in boxes and other containers on Klopfer’s property.

The doctor had performed abortions at his clinics in Gary, Indiana, and South Bend, Indiana, until his medical license was suspended in 2015 over medical reporting failures.

Image Source: YouTube screenshot

WBBM-TV published photographs from the police investigation showing how Klopfer had kept the fetal remains in the garage and in a car he owned.

Image Source: YouTube screenshot

The photographs were released after the case was closed without charges because Klopfer had already died.

“In the 31 years I’ve been in this job, I’ve never seen anything like this. Ever,” said Will County Sheriff Mike Kelley.

The fetal remains were given a dignified burial by local officials.

Why did he do it?

While Klopfer’s true motivation may never be known, some hints were left behind.

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