“This One Can Lie For Africa,” South African Slayqueen Cyan Boujee ‘R50k Girlfriend Allowance’ Sets Social Media Abuzz

Controversial South African slay queen Cyan Boujee has once again set social media abuzz.

The South African socialite is trending on social media following her outrageous R50k girlfriend allowance revelation.

She made the controversial remarks as a guest on MacG’s recent Podcast and Chill.

Cyan Boujee (Image credit: Twitter via @CBoujee)



Cyan Boujee  revealed that she used to get an R50k girlfriend allowance per week from her ex-boyfriend whom she did not name.


The whole conversation about girlfriend allowances started after one of MacG’s co-hosts asked Cyan Boujee how much allowance was she getting from her previous boyfriend.

Cyan Boujee girlfriend allowance
Cyan Boujee on Podcast and Chill with Mac G (Screengrab from the video)


Co-host: So, how much was the allowance? Just in case other guys want to know, what is the minimum entry”

Cyan Boujee: “Oh but this a real bag hey…

Co-Host: So, what was the allowance”

Cyan Boujee: This was a real bag… It was, maybe 50 a week.

MacG: 50 thousand! Are you f**cking kidding me!?

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Cyan Boujee : For sure!

MacG: So, this guy was giving you R50K a week?

Cyan Boujee: Phela life was like… almost around that amount. Yeah just for staying at home. I wasn’t a DJ. I wasn’t an influencer


Watch the video below;

Cyan Boujee’s stunning revelation has sparked such a conversation on Twitter. Netizens are shocked beyond belief to learn that Cyan Boujee used to get such an outrageous amount as girlfriend allowance. Tweeps called her out for lying unprovoked.

Check out some of the reactions;


Cyannn Boujeee oooooooooo !
This one can lie for Africa 😂🤦🏽‍♀️

50k a week aii the nerve to lie, does she know what 50k a week can make you look like??


She is just lying this one, she just wanna out pressure on these girls…R50K every week? How much is a Doctors salary per month?

That’s not true… What does he do for a living To give her 50k every week…

Meanwhile, media personality Boity Thulo R450kand beauty influencer Mihlali Ndamase R50k girlfriend allowance once sent social media into a frenzy.

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Mihlali stunned Mzansi when she revealed how much girlfriend allowance she used to get from her former lover.

“I once had a girlfriend allowance and shame it was cute,” said Mihlali.

Curious as to what Mihlali meant by cute, Boity asked her how much it was and she said R50k. Boity was unhinged and agreed that R50K was indeed cute and added that the R50k probably helped her sort out all her needs at the time.

Mihlali revealed that she now expects R100 000 as girlfriend allowance.

Mihlali went on to ask Boity how much girlfriend allowance she used to get, to which Boity revealed she never had girlfriend allowance. She claims there was no need for her to get  girlfriend allowance as anything she asked for, she would receive.

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She however added that if she were to ask for a girlfriend allowance, she would accept a whooping R450 000 allowance per month and she would not bother her man.

Boity said that if a man had to give her an allowance based on what she’s already doing for herself, her lifestyle and her monthly expenses would be covered. She and Mihlali both agreed that it’s unrealistic but it’s what she would like.

Mzansi was stunned at how Boity downplayed Mihlali’s R50k girlfriend allowance like it was nothing. Boity’s reaction to Mihlali’s outrageous girlfriend allowance has got tweeps buzzing

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