“Third Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) Loading”: SA Slayqueen Cyan Boujee’s Unhealthy Eating Habits Come Under Scrutiny

“Third Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) Loading”: SA Slayqueen Cyan Boujee’s Unhealthy Eating Habits Come Under Scrutiny

South African slay queen Cyan Boujee is trending on social media after video footage of her cooking and eating went viral.

Cyan Boujee who recently went under the knife for her second Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) has got Mzansi criticising her cooking and unhealthy eating habits.

In the video that is trending Cyan Boujee can be seen marinating her chicken in mayonnaise, tomato sauce and oil. She then goes on to fry the chicken in more oil.

For her soup, she adds a bunch of spices and chicken to the mixture which also consists of some cubed potatoes.

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She serves up a whole full plate which consisted of the chicken which was undercooked and was still pink inside even though she cooked it 2 times, alongside creamy broccoli, bean salad and a little bit of lettuce.

As if she hadn’t put tomato sauce already, she goes on to add some more.  To accompany her meal she pours herself a full glass of coke and digs in.


Cyan Boujee’s meal (Screengrab from the video)


For someone who recently had a BBL, netizens could not help but criticise her meal not only was it a lot, but it was also unhealthy and undercooked.

Netizens concurred that with her bad eating habits, she is going to have her 3rd BBL operation very soon.

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Cyan Boujee BBL
Cyan Boujee (Image Credit: Twitter @Cboujee)

Watch the video below which shows Cyan Boujee preparing her meal.


Check out some of the reactions;


The chef specialist HERSELF, with more than 5 Sauces and twice the amount of oil, the one and only Cyan “Lipo” Boojee😅😅



she doesn’t care about her diet shame, that lipo will disappear very soon😭


My gal is going to do the 3rd BBL/liposuction.


She just out here undoing her BBL with all those useless calories 🤧🤢 Why didnt she just use 6 guns like a basic human being


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Cyan Boujee is 100% going to go back for maybe round 20 of Lipo suction because my girl believes in low vibration plates more than she believes in herself 😂😭


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