They were all Fulani and well armed with AK-49, a pistol & 4 knives – Rescued man

A man from Nnewi, Anambra State, has revealed how he said his final prayers on the day he was kidnapped after seeing how armed those that abducted him were. The man also said the kidnappers were upto 50 and were all Fulani. He said that in a video making the rounds on social media after he was rescued.

“I thank you all, it wasn’t a pleasant experience. To tell you the truth, I said my final prayers the very morning I was abducted. Those people were all Fulani and they were well armed. Each of them had the so much talked about AK-49, a pistol and upto 4 knives on their waists,” said the man.

Speaking further, he brought out a black piece of cloth and said that was what the kidnappers used in covering his face throughout his time in captivity. He also said he was given no food or water and revealed that the kidnappers brutally murdered some others whose ransom were not paid.

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“A lot of people are still there. They keep people portion by portion, one person here and they go a little distance, clear the bush and keep another. From where I was I heard the sound of vehicles, however, I figured it will take about an hour to get there.

“Believe me from that day till today I thought I would die because they take anyone who doesn’t bring money to one side and kill. I saw them do this live.

“But for me, I thank God you people brought the money. They insisted I must pay the amount they requested so for that I thank you all. You people really tried, it wasn’t easy. I didn’t expect that you people would be able do that, I thought I was a dead person while there”.

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