There’s an evil power controlling me – Pastor who defiled 5 kids in Edo

A Nigerian pastor who was arrested for defiling 5 kids in Edo state has blamed his shameful act on the devil, he revealed that he was controlled by an evil power.

The 48-year-old pastor from Akwa Ibom State is married with five children and two of them were preparing to secure admission into the university. His first child who is 18 years old would rather keep mum over her father’s travail, The Punch reports.

At their house on Ekenwa Road, Benin city, Mrs Elizabeth Otobong, who sells pap, appeared worried as our correspondent called at their abode.

It’s expected because in the last two months of Emerson’s travail following his subsequent arrest and detention by the police, no one has come to visit the family.

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Elizabeth said,

Nobody visits us except the church woman leader who called me on the phone to encourage me. I couldn’t even call his mother to inform her of what is happening because if I do, she will collapse and die.

His father died recently and he has not been buried. The burial was earlier fixed for April but it was postponed for two months because of COVID-19. They are waiting for Emerson before they could bury him because he is the first and only son of the family.’’

Some neighbours who saw Emerson on television when the police paraded him have also continued to ask the Otobongs probing questions about their breadwinner.

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Many people have come to me to say they saw my husband on television, I will say ‘oh you also saw him? It has happened already and there is nothing I can do. All I know is that this phase shall also pass,” she said.

Emerson was almost incoherent while he was being questioned by newsmen. He could barely mumbled words out of his mouth. After a long wait for his response to a question, he said,

I am disturbed psychologically, physically and emotionally. I cannot talk now. For everything that has happened, I am ready for the consequence and I will face it. As you can see, there was no single mark on my body. This is because I told them the truth. I am the one who reported myself to my general overseer and the police”

He spoke for few minutes more, quoted a Bible verse and later faced the Investigating Police Officer, saying,

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Please take me back to my cell. I know this is between me and God. He will do justice to whoever is in this. I know there is something somewhere trying to gain control of me but God will come to my rescue.”