The River : Lindiwe will cheat on Zweli with Mnqobi

Mnqobi Luthuli is set to rattle Lindiwe and Zweli Dikana’s marriage in The River this season. 

Viewers have been waiting for this storyline to unfold since season 2 when they realised that Zweli is a serial cheater. 

Zweli has been cheating on Lindiwe since season 2 and even filed for divorce so that he can marry some of his mistresses. 

He married a woman old enough to be his daughter in season 4 who got killed by his wife Lindiwe. 

Though he was in a polygamous marriage with Nyakallo and Lindiwe and didn’t file for divorce for the second time fans want him to get a taste of his own medicine this season and can’t wait.

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The River : Lindiwe will cheat on Zweli with Mnqobi

Lindiwe has always been obsessed with power and money and will fall out of love with Zweli this season because he got demoted from being a commissioner to a detective.

Zweli is not as confident as he was in previous seasons because he lost his title and Lindiwe isn’t giving him as much attention as before. 

She is spending a lot of time with her new business partner Mnqobi because she wants his money and doesn’t trust him completely.

‘Keep your friends close and your enemies closer

Here’s why Lindiwe will cheat on him for the first time:

  • Mnqobi looks a lot like Zweli, from the beard, the smile and body build.
  • Mnqobi is the younger version of Zweli but he’s better because he’s hungrier for success
  • Lindiwe knows that Zweli will forgive her for cheating because he’s cheated on her several times and even married other women
  • Lindiwe now realises that she deserves better than Zweli and Mnqobi is a better man
  • She has more in common with Mnqobi than Zweli who’s not as interested in her business
  • Lindiwe makes more money than Zweli and Mnqobi makes more money than Lindiwe
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