The Protesters Who Were Beaten, See How Youths Forced Them To Eat Their Posters(Video)

A while ago, a disturbing video emerged that saw two protesters carrying out protests assaulted in Kogi State. In the said the video, the two young men who had posters with ‘Buhari Must Go’ inscriptions were beaten up by angry youths. The two young men were helpless in the hands of the crowd who rained all sorts of insults on them. The man speaking in the video, asked them were they came from and referred to them as touts. He told them that their actions were not welcomed in the area because they were criminals who cannot be accommodated there.

In the video, uploaded on Facebook by BBC Pidgin, the other youths could be seen flogging them mercilessly while one of them interrogates them. The man speaking went on to tell them that the youths of Kogi State are going to deal with them and that proved the case throughout the almost 4 minute video. He told them that they were taking that action so that others can learn their lessons. According to them, after their experience, they will never do something like that again no matter who sent them.

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The two young men were then asked to clean the Buhari Must Go they had written on the wall and they did this while they were collecting strokes of the cane. The two guys mentioned that they are from Warri and the man speaking to them told them that they were going to face the law because they left their state and came to another person’s state. After that something bizzare happened when they were ordered to eat the Buhari Must Go posters they were carrying. They were tearing them up and eating them in bits while they received strokes of the Cain from the youths.

Click to watch video.

In the video, one of the youths said that they would face the law for their action and that statement can be disputed based on what they went through. Is the beating from the youths the law they had to face?. Should people go through this cruel treatment for protesting without breaking any law?. Even if they broke the law, should their punishment come from a mob?. What are you thoughts?

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