Striking Similarities Between Gugu Gumede And MaGumede Wow Mzansi

The striking similarities between Uzalo’s actress Gugu Gumede and a viral Tiktok sensation MaGumede have left South Africa with many unanswered questions.

Striking Similarities Between Gugu Gumede And MaGumede. Could They Be Sisters? [Images: Tiktok/Instagram]

Could they really be sisters?

MaGumede, a familiar face in Berea’s taxi ranks has gained fame on social media for her uncensored R-rated marketing skills. She boasts a herbalist helping men’s health issues.

Popular among her products is “Mhlabasuze” men’s herbal drink for better bedroom performance.

As she became viral on social media, many started seeing her similarities to Uzalo’s MaMlambo in her facial features and in speaking as well.

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The two also coincidentally share the same surname – Gumede.

Gugu Gumede and MaGumede also come from the same rural province of Kwazulu Natal.

All these coincidences have left Mzansi wondering if the two could be related in a way despite there being no formal proof of their relations.

Gugu Gumede is the late Deputy Minister of Science and Technology Zanele kaMagwaza-Msibi’s daughter. Her father was Simon Hulumeni Gumede, a traditional leader who was also part of the armed struggle against Apartheid in South Africa. She has managed to keep her family, except her months-old baby out of social media and has never openly talked bout any of her siblings.

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On the other hand, not much is yet known about her look-alike ‘sister’ who is only known by her moniker, MaGumede and her insanely controversial marketing skills. MaGumede has grown her brand to heights as she now sells her products across many Johannesburg taxi ranks.

She rose to fame after one social media user took a video of her a while ago and posted it on Facebook. Many, especially men started supporting her business. She recently revealed on Tiktok that she managed to buy herself a branded car so she could easily sell her products.

@josephclothing MaGumede #fyp #Trending #foryoupage #trending #Trending ♬ original sound – Joseph
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