The Biggest Heist In 2022″| Video Of Dr Malinga Flaunting His Luxurious R5 Million McLaren Sportscar Sparks Outrage

South African musician Dr Malinga is trending on social media after a video of him flaunting his luxurious R5 Million McLaren sportscar went viral.

The video of Dr Malinga flaunting his pricey luxurious McLaren sports car has since sparked outrage on social media. Netizens can not believe that barely a couple of months ago, Dr Malinga was appealing for donations and now he owns an expensive whip.


Dr Malinga (Image Credit: Podcast and Chill/Screenshot of Dr Malinga’s video)

South Africans who came through for Dr Malinga when he was asking for donations feel scammed and betrayed by the musician.

Social media users have already started questioning if he was ever broke in the first place or if he just needed donations to buy a McLaren. They reckon the video of him publicly crying on MacG’s Podcast was not genuine at all but was just a publicity stunt.

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Some netizens have already started demanding to have their money back.


"The Biggest Heist In 2022" Video Of Dr Malinga Flaunting His Luxurious R5 Million McLaren Sportscar Sparks Outrage
Dr Malinga Flaunts McLaren Sportscar (screengrab from the video)


Check out some of the reactions from Twitter,


Dr Malinga must send our money back ayikho phela lento 😭😭

a whole McLaren !!


Dr Malinga is a hypocrite! I donated my R10 and I want it back!!! How dare he buy a McLaren


He scammed us😢..He must give back our money. Kanti si donatela i mclaren ngeke phela. Samvela buhlungu akhala..Kudlaliwe ngathi 


Now I feel like fetching the tweets where people were insulting me for talking about this thing of celebrities blackmailing us into funding their expensive lifestyles. Dr Malinga was never broke he was just short of money to buy McLaren.


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I feel betrayed…He claimed to be flat broke so he can evade SARS, he had hidden money somewhere else. He used you, your money and your sympathy to sort out his issues with the taxman and then he went to fetch his millions wherever he had hidden them.


Dr Malinga – if he had a heart at all, given how the poorest of the poor in this country did for him – was supposed to actually lead initiatives to help others in need now that his things have picked up, not go and buy a luxury car. This shows that he’s a very selfish person.


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instead of giving back to those who are struggling and poor kids, he is now riding the McLaren. Tomorrow you will be sending R10 to pay for his house.


Dr Malinga pulled off the biggest heist in 2022 🤞


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