A newly-crowned beauty pageant has sparked outrage online after a viral video resurfaced on TikTok showing her saying racial slur and lip-syncing about drug use and bullying.

Kate Dixon, now 17, has come under fire shortly after winning Miss Washington Teen USA as she was seen on camera saying the slur and laughing with other teens at the age of 14.

Angry viewers are now are calling for her to be stripped of her title in response to the inappropriate video.

In the clip, which has been widely shared on TikTok, Kate is seen giving a thumbs down before saying: “Gangster ******.”

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Kate Dixon was criticised for saying racial slur after winning the Miss Teen Washington USA pageant

It then cuts to another clip showing Kate and a friend lip-syncing to the lyrics “I am Amber. I only love men when they have money and big c***s.”

Pageants Northwest, an agency that oversees four states in the Miss USA and Miss Teen USA organisations, told Fox News that they became aware of the video in October 2020.

They allowed her to compete over the past few years, saying part of the pageant’s mission is empowering people to quote: “Be the best versions of themselves.”

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An old video showed Kate saying the N-word and laughing with her friends in a car
An old video showed Kate saying the racial slur and laughing with her friends in a car

Kate also spoke out after the incident, which happened three years ago, and explained that she was pressured into saying the slur while being in a car with her seniors.

“They coerced me into saying a racial slur, I told them ‘no, I don’t want to say that,” Kate told Fox News.

“I know that’s not appropriate. And they told me ‘you have a free pass just this one time, this would be funny’. So I decided, after much persuasion, I said the word that they wanted me to say and without my knowledge, I was recorded.”

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She said she informed the pageant committee before competing and has since apologised
She said she informed the pageant committee before competing and has since apologised

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The viral TikTok has outraged viewers and they have now demanded Kate’s crown title be revoked.

“Literally take her crown back,” one commented while another wrote: As a former [pageant] girl…her crown should be given to the first runner-up.”

A third added: “That title needs to be ripped away from her. You have a standard you have to uphold and that’s very clear in your application.”

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