Sweet Simple Life Hacks You Should Learn.

Life hacks are ways or simple shortcuts of helping you perform your day-to-day work. Life hacks are very helpful. To be able to produce a life hacks you are expected to reason with your brain but I would not want you to do that since you are here, so, here are some sweet simple life hacks you should know and learn:

1. Using a toothpaste on your phone screen will remove scratches.

2.sprinkle salt on your frying pan before frying to avoid splashing of the oil.

3.rub your hand 1 minutes on a stainless steel to remove garlic smell off your hands/palms.

4. Chocolate can kill dogs… be warned!

5.i) get a motor from a spoilt or condemned DVD player

ii) get an aluminum or plastic to cut out a shaped fan blade

iii) a plastic container

Iv) get wires


v) 9 volts battery (used in microphones)

Use scissors to cut a fan blade shape, add wires to the motor,(because the motor wire is short), then get a 9volts battery and remove the cap (which is the positive and negative steel from the iron body) then add wires to the steel cap you removed from the 9 volts battery. Put the motor in plastic container or a carton you cut out and shape by yourself. Connect the wires of the motors with the wires of the 9volts cap you got out from the 9volts battery. Now, get the fan shaped blade you cut out with a pair of scissors and fix it into the motor and gum it with a hot glue or super glue. Curve each edge of the blade with your hand. Now get a 9volts battery and plug it in. FINALLY! You have made mini hand fan! Pretty long but easy!

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6. Don’t waste you money on insecticides for ants! Get a bottle mixed with water and salt and shake well and spray on the ants! Thank me later!

7. Don’t put your toothbrush in water after putting toothpaste because it reduces the work your toothpaste performs in your mouth!

8. Chewing gum with mint when feeling the urge to vomit helps stop you from vomiting.

9. Did you know that eating chewing gum while slicing onions helps stop you from crying while slicing onions.

10. Finally, if you have mistakenly sent a message to someone, quickly turn on the airplane mode in you phone to stop the sending of the message and then finally delete the message.

I hope this few simple life hacks will be helpful for you.

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