Suicidal Woman Rescued After Jumping Inside Osun River

Day 2 of Osun State Lockdown, a woman jumped into Osun river.

Residents of the popular Aregbesola Area in Osogbo, Osun state capital, trooped out in their numbers to rescue a woman, who simply identified herself as Kafayat Alake, after jumping into the Osun river.

Osun River

The woman, after jumping into the Osun river from the bridge was however lucky as rescuers fished her out before she drowned.

It was reported that the state government of Osun had imposed stay-at-home order on the residents of the state as part of the measures to curb the spread of the deadly Coronavirus pandemic in the state.

Alake whose strange movement on the bridge was noticed before she eventually jumped into the river, drew the attention of passersby who were just on their way to have one or two things done.

According to the person that rescued her, the woman, who dressed in blue gown, was trekking and got to the middle of the bridge, climbed the rial and jumped off.

“The thing happened so fast that we could not stop her. However when she jumped, people called for help, prompting me to dive in and rescued her, , David Johnson explained.

“We were somewhere around that place when the woman’s body dropped from the bridge. At first we thought she was either pushed or fell over by mistake.
“while other are calling for help, I had to jump into the river and rescue her”.

When reporters got to the scene, the woman was sitting down and looking dejected by the river bank.

Speaking incoherently, she said she hails from Alapaaro , Isale Osun, Osogbo. She said she has three children and she could not be able to cater for them due to financial predicament.

According to her, I have three children and I couldn’t cater for them due to my financial predicament. My husband stays in Lagos. We have seperated about thirteen years ago.

Later, the woman was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital by the O’amblance.

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