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It’s a little embarrassing how much I spend on pricey skincare (that glow, though!). I splurge on clean skincare products with minimal additives— which means my precious products can spoil pretty easily (read: become completely ineffective), just like preservative-free food. After one too many heartbreaks, I knew I had to do something to protect my investment, but how could I do that in my forever too-hot and humid bathroom? Enter this adorable, versatile mini fridge that fits right on my bathroom vanity.

It keeps everything cool and ready to use by protecting my products from humid and sunlight exposure—both of which are culprits that cause skincare’s active ingredients to become completely ineffective over time. Now, all my products stay fresh until they’re gone. Plus, a cool sheet mask or floral water spritz is so refreshing (and great for minimizing pores and targeting puffiness)—you’ll never want to go back to using room-temperature skincare again.

The thousands of five-star reviews this skincare fridge has amassed is totally understandable. Tons of reviewers mention buying this fridge for a multitude of reasons aside from preserving the lifespan of their beauty products, from keeping medications and baby bottles cool to installing in RVs and offices. Its compact, portable design fits anywhere and comes in a variety of cute colors for any decor scheme (pink was a tempting choice, but I ultimately ended up choosing white). I purchased the four-liter size for my small bath but there are also bigger options, like this 20-liter that’s more like a hotel mini-fridge. The 10-liter size is a perfect back-to-school gift for a dorm room. Plus, they’re quiet when running and energy efficient so low maintenance and non-intrusive.

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Am I tempted to add another to my bedroom, stocked with snacks and beverages? Kind of, but I need some reason to get out of bed. Purchase one (or more) and you too can know the convenience of a super mini-fridge with so many uses you’ll wonder how you did without!


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