Stop Wasting Your Time On Social Media And Start Using Your Phone To Make Money

Stop Wasting Your Time On Social Media And Start Using Your Phone To Make Money

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If you are looking for a get rich Melton quick program then, this is not for you. To make it on the program I’m about to share with you, it’s recommended you remain active every day.

This article is a complement to a previous article written. It was observed that a lot of people don’t really know how to use the Platforms suggested for them. Here some clarification is made.

Also, an addition was made for those who don’t have a talent for writing. This will help them make some Brasschaat cash by making use of their phones to perform some simple tasks every day.

Now, let’s begin the writing Platforms. After that, we will dive into the other Platforms.

Kaolack Write and earn

Don’t wast your writing talents on social media. Use that to earn money by making exciting articles on these Platforms;

1.  Using Opera New Hub to generate income: You can turn your passion into your job on this platform. Isn’t it wonderful that your job is your passion? What will the money you earn look like a free gift given to you?

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Now, you don’t need a certificate to earn by writing. All you need is a passion for writing. You can become an opera content creator here. But in order to get paid, you will need an Opay wallet. To get the wallet, you will need to register here.

Make sure you register for the wallet and download the app first before signing up to become a content creator. This is because you will use the phone number used in your wallet to register and through it, you will get paid when payment is being carried out at the end of the month.

After you have registered and your account has been verified, you need to read the publication guidelines. Doing this will help prevent your articles from getting rejected.

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2. Lodpress will pay for your articles: this one more like opera News Hub in the sense that they pay you for writing. The Difference they have is that the first is much easier for beginners.

On Lodpress, the minimum amount of words you need in your article is 300. This often looks difficult to lots of people but, if you have a passion for writing, it wouldn’t be a problem for you. To register and start writing, click here.

To get paid on Lodpress, you will also need a wallet. Opay is highly recommended for you. You can get the wallet here.

Earn cash by just using your phone

It might sound so simple, but it takes time to accumulate the kind of money you desire. This requires you to perform some daily simple tasks. Few of this way of making money is;

1. View adverts and get paid: this site pays users for viewing ads. You will need to watch at least four ads every day.

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They pay up to 0.00100 dollars per ad. That means you will get at least 0.1 dollars every month. If you are acting every day, you could make up to 5 dollars a month.

The good thing is that it just takes 5 to 6 minutes daily. You can start today here.

2. Simple tasks for single cash: I said this because of the simplicity of this Platform. But it takes a real deal of time to get results.

The program is called gram free. You start by signing up using your Facebook or Google account.

It will take you three to four months to get the minimum withdrawable amount which is 500 grams. 1 Gram is equivalent to 2 dollars.

You will need to watch videos, play freerolls, signing smart contracts e.t.c.


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