“Stop Faking It”- Nota Baloyi Trolls Mihlali Ndamase, Claims She Has A House Without Furniture

Controversial motormouth music executive and podcast host Nota Baloyi has started to troll social media influencer Mihlali Ndamase once again.

Known for his unapologetic commentary, Nota Baloyi took a swipe at Mihlali Ndamase.

Mihlali Ndamase [Images: Instagram/Mihlali Ndamase]

Taking to Twitter, Nota Baloyi claimed that Mihlali’s house doesn’t have furniture.

Nota questioned how Mihlali is creating content in a house that doesn’t have furniture and when she is married to a rich man.

He called out the beauty influencer and told her to stop faking it.

“Mihlali’s house doesn’t have furniture… How are you creating content in a house with no furniture when you’re dating a supposedly rich married man? Stop faking it to make it!” Nota wrote.


Nota Baloyi’s Twitter rants comes after Mihlali, who appeared to be in a no-compromising mood, took to Instagram and publicly called out the brands who owe her money.

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The beauty influencer made it clear that she was done with being the bigger person and called out all the brands that owed her to settle her accounts.

In another tweet, Nota Baloyi claimed that Mihlali Ndamase has committed career suicide by calling out all the brands that owe her. He stated that the pressure of being with a married man with no furniture is what posed her to publicly call out all the brands that owed her.

Just like that, Mihlali ended her INFLUENCER career. The pressure of being with a married man with no furniture got to her baby girl needs somewhere to sit down. She can’t invite Lasizwe to a camp chairs. This is now a cautionary tale ladies & gentlemen… Be like me, INFLUENTIAL!

Meanwhile, this is not the first time, Nota Baloyi has dragged Mihlali Ndamase.

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Nota Baloyi once faced massive backlash on social media after he objectified Mihlali Ndamase by comparing her to a dog that can be killed in a podcast episode.

Nota was a guest on the Nkululeko N Culture podcast and said he does not find Mihlali attractive.

“They don’t understand that if Mihlali is for sale, that means she’s an object, which means that you can kill her if you want to. You know…it’s like buying a dog, you can put it down,” Nota said.

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