South Africans Hilariously Reject Cyril Ramaphosa As Their President, Says He Is From Zimbabwe 

South Africans are having a field day on Twitter following President Cyril Ramaphosa’s state visit to the UK.

After pictures of  Cyril Ramaphosa having a jolly good time with the British royals went viral, a section on Twitter started rejecting him as their president saying that he is from Zimbabwe.

Twitter user @AdvoBarryRoux stirred up the conversation after he posted a picture of Cyril Ramaphosa with the Prince and Princess of Wales – Prince William and Kate Middleton.


Cyril Ramaphosa with Prince William and Princess Kate Middleton (Image Credit:  Twitter @Kensington Royal)


Captioning the picture, he hilariously said that on behalf of South Africans, he rejects unfounded claims that are stating that Cyril Ramaphosa is the President of South Africa.

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He claimed that South Africa is currently on autopilot and has no president.

On behalf of South Africa, we would like to distance ourselves from reports from the UK that says this man in the middle is the President of South Africa. We reject these unfounded claims. South Africa is on autopilot, we don’t have a President, Maybe he’s from Zimbabwe.



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His followers concurred with his tweet as they claimed that Cyril Ramaphosa was 100% Zimbabwean.


He’s from Zimbabwe 100% Ramaphosa is a Zim surname, He looks like Katsande


Perhaps cousin to the late Pres Mugabe

In turn, some social media users from Zimbabwe also rejected him with some saying that he is probably from Nigeria or Zambia.


After thorough investigations with the Zimbabwean Office of the Registrar, it has been established that this man is not from Zimbabwe, he is a Nigerian fraudster masquerading as South African President just to swindle foreign governments


As a South African citizen, and a current tourist in Zimbabwe, I never saw or heard anyone talking about him. Maybe he’s from space…


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On behalf of a beautiful and proud Zimbabwe nation,I can confirm that we have enough problems of our own this problem in the middle of the said picture isn’t ours maybe our neighbours Zambia

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