South Africans Fume After Slik Talk Drags Nhlanhla Lux, Calls Him A Clown & Fraud

South Africans Fume After Slik Talk Drags Nhlanhla Lux, Calls Him A Clown & Fraud



Outspoken Youtube Slik Talk has sparked mixed reactions in SA after he dragged Operation Dudula leader Nhlanhla Lux Dhlamini calling him a clown and a fraud.

Slik Talk released a video on Friday in which he accused Nhlanhla Lux of being a tool for white people. The outspoken Youtuber also dragged people for comparing the Soweto leader with firebrand EFF leader Julius Malema.

However, unlike most of his videos, this one seemed to rub many South Africans wrong. They took issue with the dragging of Nhlanhla Lux, arguing that he is only defending the interests of South Africans against foreigners. They also accused Slik Talk of being ignorant about multiracial communities.

Many indignant South Africans took issue with Slik Talk’s characterization and let him know in no uncertain terms.

Tebogo Mabale

If you’ve been to a private school, you know all people ,white black, Indians, coloured. It’s called multiracial for a reason 🤦‍♂️The guy is not a politician like he keeps saying and hes been helping people way longer than you’ve been trashing people. You missed the mark on this one.


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mawewe mabala

Am highly disappointed, LUX is on the ground with people and for 10 yrs he has been. For the people your only hearing about him now since he defended maponya mall the only difference is now the cameras are on him but even without the cameras he has been with the people.

Repentant Heart

Well what do we have here? A Youtuber eager to grow his channel through increased traffic and engagement. He sees Nhlanhla trending on social media and on Youtube. He knows nothing about Nhlanhla, but he needs to seize this window of opportunity while it’s still trending for his own channel, so he does some shallow research, and posts a very unnecessary video filled with ignorance and political bias. Or, he was paid to promote Julius Malema. Either way, it is clear to me this video is purely done for financial gain, and nothing else. Do better my guy.


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Lerato Justin

You lost it on this one Slik. This one not landing.

The whole video aka “research” was based on pictures you found on the net. Only if you had just watched a few of Lux’s interviews, then you would have done a better presentation.

Sometimes you don’t have to be different just for the sake of being different without any facts. We follow you because you dish sole facts.

Besides your page all about celebrities. Lux ain’t one Bro. He ain’t seating in the comfort of his flat making videos. He is on the ground Slik.

Hate to admit it. You lost the plot here. Might be a good idea to remove this one. Service delivery or politics ain’t your vibe Mate. Stick to your lane Slik. That’s what we here for. He ain’t taking your spotlight. Don’t be a Julius and as a result end up losing a base purely because of the spotlight. So chill and do what you do. Focus on them celebrities!


Kamohelo Mabote

Nothing but love for the page & work put in but NO THIS AIN’T IT BRO.


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Martel Mhlanga

I support your channel, but you are completely wrong, and he’s standing for the people of this country who have been marginalized for far too long!

Ayanda Tshandu

This1 was not man stay off politics it doesn’t suit gossip columns only☝️

Kgosiitsile Modisaesi

Wow, seriously, I wonder where you got your facts, jumping on the bandwagon of the media, the man has done more for his people than many politicians; he lives with his people and does actual work for his people; he is not here for vibes.


Nah bro I disagree with you on this one it’s clear you didn’t watch the whole episode on MacG’s podcast..take this video down bro for your own sake.


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